Young Lives


This project was inspired by the work of photographer Lise Sarfati (French, born 1958) who in 2003 went to the United States and travelled through Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, California, and Oregon where she photographed the solitary lives of numerous young people, the majority of which were women.

Her pictures show the emptiness that occupies their existence: in their bedrooms, in their backyards, in their parent’s living rooms, at the supermarket . . . Probed by Lise Sarfati’s vision, their daily lives reveal a troubling lack of purpose and a certain state of disarray.  This work was published in 2005 entitled La Vie Nouvelle, or The New Life.

My projects seeks to explore the opposite of this. The majority of young people are neither empty nor lacking in purpose. I wish to give the viewer an insight into such lives in a way that is thought provoking and positive.

Young Lives - with purpose and confidence